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February 2016

Bouyon Pwa Kase and Akamil Sikre
Cooking demonstrations are an important component of NSP. According to evidence from parents participating in the program, the opportunity to contribute and participate actively in the preparation of nutrient-dense meals increases their capacity to more effectively combat malnutrition at home. Because it is the International Year of the Pulses, we are highlighting recipes containing beans. Pulses provide protein, complex carbohydrates, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. Like other plant-based foods, pulses contain no cholesterol and little fat or sodium. They also have a long shelf life and can be stored without losing their nutritional content. Find the recipes here!

November 2015 

Mother Leaders Bring Nutrition and Healthcare to Haiti
Haiti NSP’s Senior Technical Advisor, Dr. Altrena Mukuria, presented her findings for the role Care Groups play in exposing Haitians to nutrition and healthcare information at this year’s annual American Public Health Association (APHA) Conference on November 3, 2015 in Chicago, Illinois. The conference brought together more than 12,000 public health professionals and research experts. Read more about her findings and presentation here.

September 2015 

A Week in the Life of a Mother Leader
NSP staff followed Marie Guerline Ostine, a Mother leader from Carrefour, for a week to see how being involved in NSP  fits into her already busy schedule! Each Mother Leader is responsible for taking what she has learned and communicating it to her neighbors and other mothers in her community. NSP has chosen to highlight one of the Mother Leaders through a typical week in her life, seeing the role that the program has on her daily life.Follow a Week in the Life of a Mother Leader.
August 2015

Youth: Partners for Sustainable Change- Celebrating International Youth Day in Haiti
On August 12th, several hundred Haitian young people gathered to celebrate International Youth Day. This day celebrates youth as partners in today’s global society, and promotes the engagement and participation of youth in sustainable development. Youth engagement is at the heart of the strategy of Partners’ Nutrition Security Program (NSP) for the promotion of good nutrition practices for sustainable change. See how NSP is engaging youth in the discussion.
July 2015

Increasing Availability of Protein-Rich Vegetables Through Kitchen Gardens
NSP and Universite Laval (AKOSAA - Enhancing and Building Capacity for Increased Food Security in Haiti) teams in Saint-Marc, Artibonite, organized a community health and agriculture fair to promote health and nutrition among adolescents, women, children, and men. The activity received tremendous support and response from the general population, local community-based organizations, and government entities as well as school-age children.
Read more about the fair!.
 June 2015

Male Care Groups Highlighted for Father's Day! 
Fêtes de Pères (Father's Day) was celebrated in the U.S. this past Sunday, June 21st, and will be celebrated in Haiti next Sunday, June 28th. In order to celebrate, Haiti NSP took a deeper look into the impact of the male care groups on the participants and their communities. By creating spaces for increased dialogue, males and adolescents can share experiences and gain insights into ways to increase their roles in their households.  Read more here.
 May 2015

Mother Leaders Celebrated during Graduation Ceremonies!
The Haiti Nutrition Security Program (NSP) teamed up with the Departmental Directors of the Ministry of Health (MSPP) to hold graduations for 450 Mother Leaders in the North and Northeast Departments in Haiti. These women completed over a year of training in nutrition and health education in the North and the Northeast regions of Haiti. NSP is funded by USAID/Haiti and is in its second year of operation. The 2015 graduations are an exciting milestone for the project!

April 2015

Happy World Health Day!
Today is World Health Day and this year, the World Health Organization highlights the challenges and opportunities associated with food safety.In honor of World Health Day, NSP has elected to highlight one of our many Mother Leaders. While every Mother Leader has her own inspiring and amazing story to share, to honor World Health Day, NSP has chosen to share with you the story of Simone Fertile. Find out more about Simone and how being a Mother Leader changed her life!

March 2015

Mothers #MakeItHappen
This past Sunday, March 8th, was International Women’s Day. For over 100 years, this day has and continues to represent an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women, marked by thousands of events thrown by organizations, governments, charities, educational institutions, women's groups, corporations and the media to acknowledge the political, economic, and social achievements of women. The theme this year was Make It Happen, encouraging effective action for advancing and recognizing women. Find out more...

January 2015

Haiti: 5 Years After the Earthquake
This week, Partners of the Americas joins people around the world in remembering the earthquake that devastated Haiti on January 12th, 2010. Today, 5 years later, there is cause to be hopeful but we also want to recognize that Haiti is still facing many challenges.We asked Yves-Laurent Regis, the Deputy Director of our Haiti Nutrition Security Program, to share some observations about the state of Haiti and positive changes he has seen in the years since the earthquake.

September 2014

Health and Nutrition Start at Home!
Health and nutrition start in the home. Each member of the family has a responsibility towards the wellbeing of the entire unit.Therefore Partners of the Americas’ Nutrition Security Program in Haiti has taken a family-centered approach to its nutrition behavior-change interventions. Utilizing the Care Group model as the foundation of the program’s family-centered approach, the staff of NSP are working in 7 selected communes in four departments; North, Northeast, Artibonite and West. Read more about it!
July 2014

An Update on Small Gardens 
The Haiti Nutrition Security Program (NSP) is working with local organization Makouti Agro Entrerprise to identify the best options for small scale livelihood enhancement activities. These activities will vary based on local demand and feasibility but could include gardens and animal production, small business training, post-harvest processing and other value-added operations. Read more here.
February 2014

Nutrition Trainings have Started!
Building on the existing tradition of Mother’s Clubs in Haiti, NSP is using the care group model to deliver trainings, provide services, and communicate good health and nutrition behavior messages. During a recent care group session in Milot, mothers engaged in a conversation about attitudes, behaviors, and practices around health and nutrition. Read the full story!