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Haiti Nutrition Security Program (NSP)


The Partners of the Americas Nutrition Security Program (NSP) is focused on improving maternal and child health in Haiti. Using a family-centered approach, NSP targets pregnant and lactating women as well as other household influencers who play a role in the nutrition and health of mothers and small children. The program was launched in 2013 and is funded by the USAID Feed the Future Initiative a U.S. Government effort to combat global hunger and food insecurity.


In Haiti, poor households suffer from significant nutrition insecurity. Poor health and nutrition are prominent in the country and most severely impact pregnant and lactating women and young children. Partners has been implementing social and economic development programs in Haiti for 30 years. The NSP strategy

falls in line with Haitis National Nutrition Policy and focuses on capacity-building to promote sustainability. Partnerships with local Haitian counterparts have been essential in ensuring that program activities and strategies most appropriately and effectively meet the specific needs of malnourished populations, since each region of the country is culturally and economically distinct.

NSP uses Care Groups, a cascading model of health promotion designed to train local leaders who then provide key health and nutrition messages to their communities. Partners improves the nutritional status of pregnant and lactating women and their children through trainings on breastfeeding, food choices and diet diversity, maternal and child health, small-scale gardening, cooking demonstrations, and related topics. In addition, women participating in NSP also report higher self-esteem, greater respect within their communities, improved leadership skills, and increased opportunities to participate in economic activities.

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Carl Abdou Rahmaan

Project Director, Haiti Nutrition Security Program crahmaan@partners.net

143 Route de Frères, Port-au-Prince, Haiti www.partners.net www.haitinutrition.org

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