Program Overview

The Partners of the Americas Nutrition Security Program (NSP) is focused on improving maternal and child health in Haiti. Using a family-centered approach, NSP targets pregnant and lactating women as well as other household influencers who play a role in the nutrition and health of mothers and small children. The program was launched in 2013 and is funded by the USAID Feed the Future Initiative – a U.S. Government effort to combat global hunger and food insecurity.


In Haiti, poor households continue to suffer from significant nutrition insecurity. With 77% of the country's population living below the national poverty line, Haiti ranks 168 out of 187 countries on the UN 2014 Human Development Index. Poor health and nutrition are prominent in the country and most severely impact pregnant and lactating women and young children.


The NSP strategy hinges on a holistic community health, nutrition, and livelihoods approach that works through local NGOs and integrates assistance activities within the existing government health and nutrition systems.
  • Holistic approach addresses health and livelihoods aspect of nutrition insecurity. In addition to improving knowledge, activities will promote income generation and food security 
  • Care Groups achieve broad, deep and lasting community change 
  • Productive partnerships with local Haitian counterparts are essential in ensuring that program activities and strategies meet the specific needs of malnourished populations, since each region is culturally and economically distinct 
  • Capacity-Building includes support of the Haiti Ministry of Health to strengthen national health initiatives and promote program sustainability 
  • Improve nutrition behaviors through evidence-based nutrition interventions in three development corridors 
  • Improve access to and consumption of a diverse and quality diet 
  • Improve utilization of maternal health services 
  • Increase livelihood opportunities for vulnerable households 
Geographic Focus:
  • NSP is working in 7 selected communes in four departments; North, Northeast, Artibonite and West 
  • The NSP offices are located in Port-au-Prince and Cap-Haitien 

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Partners of the Americas is an associate member of the Core Group. Find out more about their efforts to improve and expand community health practices for underserved populations, especially women and children, through collaborative action and learning:

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